Juliette Pépin
Juliette Pépin
Concept/Design M.O.T.S.
M.O.T.S are educational toys and activities which aim to trigger children about the plurality of languages and introduce the concept of diversity in preschools. M.O.T.S was developed in close collaboration with Marcel Cachin Preschool, teacher Cécile Mohamadi, Seine-Saint-Denis Education Counselor, Elisabeth Schirmer, psychologist Martine Pépin Daniel and the 25 children of Cecile Mohamadi’s class.
The activities are workshops around language awareness addressing children starting at 5 years old.

Exhibitions, Awards
Wtc-e Eindhoven 2016
Social Design Talent Award 2016
Dutch Design Week 2016
Graphic research Grid
Ongoing printed research on the construction and deconstruction process of a graphic grid. It reflects an ongoing wonder on the necessity of grids in graphic design and the freedom of dominating such tool. The project is lead without lucrative intention or specific aim expect that of free experimental practice.
Artistic directionFracas
Initiated by three creatives, “Fracas” is a gallery and platform dedicated to contemporary crafts and conceptual design. Based in Brussels’s center, this new space combines a workshop environment and an exhibition gallery where self-edited works of designers, modern makers, and contemporary craftsmen are exhibited.
Fracas was built upon two editorial lines. On the one hand, with its semi-permanent collection, Fracas is a referential space for innovative works. On the other hand, with the temporary curated exhibitions, the gallery becomes a place to start a dialogue about contemporary practices in crafts and design.
Publication dedicated to the growing uncreative literature movement initiated by Kenneth Goldsmith. Uncreative writing finds interest in the boring, poetry in the banal, achievement in the accident.
All the content is Google images and Wikipedia based.
Artistic ResearchÉcrans Hybrides
Ongoing research around the physicality of digital artifacts. Ranging from colour, shapes and textures studies, the “results” are always made tangible through analog printing techniques (silkscreen, riso-print...) as well as written conclusion linked to their cultural context. The project is lead without lucrative intention or specific aim expect that of free experimental practice.
Écrans Hybrides
Printed investigation on the online community of glitch artists. The book archives different definitions of the Glitch movement ranging from manifestos, interviews and visuals created by this community as well as glitch specialists such as Rosa Menkman.

“Glitch: 1960s (originally US): of unknown origin. The original sense was ‘a sudden surge of current’, hence ‘malfunction, hitch’ in astronautical slang.” Google Def.
“Glitchers upset the propper, it’s a gesture of non compliance, a hostile refusal to use a software correctly, a technologized form of squatting“. 
Hugh S. Manon and Daniel Temkin
Concept/InterfaceToday's virus
“Today’s Virus” is a tabloid newspaper using augmented reality as a key to access relevant content. It twists the way we traditionally access journalistic informations by printing fake and alternative news on paper and revealing its journalistic content only through its online platform. Each reader is invited to scan the tabloid pages filled with fake news to access relevant content on its online version.
Today's Virus
Kiproko is a chat software giving online misunderstandings a poetic form (Online misunderstanding = all forms of language misconstructions due to online communication). Those mistakes are common in our digital era, yet, they are always perceived as digital failures, even though they display a great linguistic creativity. To accentuate such errors, each chatted sentence is sent through a 20 language translator, the original sentence is morphed into nonsense bringing miscommunication to a new level of reading. The discussion can then be printed, to enhance its physical importance, and then be read as uncreative writing, a nonsense poem.
Non exhaustive selection of multiple projects. From Non-lucrative, research, clients to commissioned projects. Realised between 2015 and now.

Juliette Pépin is a multidisciplinary designer based in Paris.